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BioCote® Additive Specification Process

With a wide range of additives at our disposal, we consider many factors during the additive specification process to ensure the highest antimicrobial performance possible.

Our experienced technical team at BioCote® will work with you every step of the way throughout the development of your new antimicrobial product. From initial concept to product launch, BioCote® will be on hand to ensure all your needs are met.

Understanding the materials used and the manufacturing processes employed is central to BioCote® specifying the appropriate antimicrobial additive for your application. We will generally look at three main criteria:


Our technical team will require information about the material to be treated and understand its chemistry. This is the first step in finding an additive that is suitable to be incorporated into your material to achieve outstanding antimicrobial performance without altering the look and functionality of your product.

Antimicrobial additives from BioCote® have been successfully applied to a number of materials, take a look at our treated materials.

Manufacturing Process:

In addition to your material, an understanding of the processes used to manufacture your product is essential. This information will help our team to further narrow down the most suitable antimicrobial additive that can be seamlessly added to your material without altering your manufacturing processes.

Finished Product:

Finally, we need to understand more about your finished antimicrobial product: its aesthetics, where in the world will it be sold, what is its primary purpose and the environment it will be used in. This will allow us to also help you with regulatory guidance and advice on a go-to-market strategy.

Our expertise means the antimicrobial additive supplied is always appropriate for the intended use, will further enhance the product’s performance and of course add value. Explore the innovative antimicrobial product applications we developed with our partners.

Find the right additive for your product

Premium antimicrobial additives supplied by BioCote® can be integrated into a wide range of materials, including polymers, silicone, powder coatings, liquid paints and textiles. Using our Additive Widget below as a guideline, take a look at our suggested antimicrobial additive for your material. Your Personal Data will be processed as described in our Privacy Notice.

Make Your Product Antimicrobial

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