Paints & Coatings

Antimicrobial Additives for Paints & Coatings

Premium antimicrobial protection for paints & coatings

BioCote® supplies high-performing antimicrobial additives to leading global paint and coatings manufacturers looking to enhance their offering and truly differentiate their product range.

Antimicrobial additives can be manufactured directly into paints, coatings, inks and lacquers – which can then be applied to surfaces or items such as walls, woodwork, doors, furniture, lighting, handles, medical equipment, paper and many more.

Introducing an additive will not affect the color of a paint or coating, the finish, or the way the product needs to be applied. In fact, it will actually increase durability and potentially extend the usable lifetime past that of an unprotected paint or coating – and staining, unpleasant odors and material degradation will be minimized. The technology will work continuously for the expected lifetime of the paint or coating. Learn more about the benefits of antimicrobial technology.

Applications for antimicrobial additives in paints & coatings

Antimicrobial additives can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into all types of paints and coatings – whether solvent-, water-based, liquid, powder, ink, lacquer or varnish, and whether used internally or externally.

Additives are formulated to suit the type of paint or coating being treated, but also the material it may be applied to, the environment it is designed for, the specific requirements of the manufacturer and end user, and the production process in place.

Benefits of antimicrobial paints & coatings

Proven quality and performance of antimicrobial additives by BioCote®

BioCote® partners and clients have come to rely on the high quality and efficacy of the antimicrobial additives we supply. To ensure the additives meet those high expectations at all times, we apply stringent quality control parameters and test protocols prior to shipping.

Once integrated into, we also carry out validation testing before our partners’ products go to market to ensure they deliver the required levels of antimicrobial performance associated with the BioCote® trademark. Find out more about our antimicrobial performance testing.