Antimicrobial Performance Testing

Proven Antimicrobial Technology independently verified

Impartial antimicrobial efficacy testing

Our comprehensive range of antimicrobial additives that we can supply to you allows us to have an antimicrobial solution for every possible product application. Our in-depth understanding of how each additive should be used, allows our clients to achieve the highest levels of antimicrobial performance with their protected products. Registered with the EPA, the antimicrobial additives we supply can provide our clients with confidence in delivering proven and compliant product performance claims.

To verify the antimicrobial performance of BioCote® protected products, we carry out stringent validation testing before our partners’ products go to market to ensure they deliver the required levels of antimicrobial performance associated with the BioCote® trademark.

Proven Test Methods

Working with an impartial testing partner, we commission antimicrobial testing to measure the level of performance an antimicrobial product exhibits. The testing quantifies the ability of a product to reduce odor causing, staining and material degrading microbes, which guides marketing claims about a product’s performance and backs up existing claims for treated articles.

Common test methods for antimicrobial efficacy testing:

  • ASTM E2149-13a
    is a test method for determining the antimicrobial activity of antimicrobial agents under dynamic contact conditions.
  • ISO 22196
    is a test method that quantitatively measures the antimicrobial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces, which is based on the Japanese Industrial Standard
    (JIS) Z 2801.

The testing secures consumer confidence that protected materials are performing to the non-negotiable standards of products carrying the BioCote® trademark.

Ultimate Product Protection

At BioCote® our partners and clients have come to rely on the high quality and efficacy of the antimicrobial additives we supply, to deliver the ultimate antimicrobial product protection. To ensure the additives meet those high expectations at all times, we apply stringent quality control parameters and test protocols prior to shipping.

Stringent quality control check of the additive’s particle size, moisture content, visual appearance and active substance concentration are carried out to ensure that only additives that pass all criteria will be sent to customers to integrate into their products, delivering optimum antimicrobial protection. Find out more about our quality control parameters for our additives.

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