PVC Wall Cladding with antimicrobial* preservation properties

PVC Wall Cladding with antimicrobial* preservation properties

For over 55 years, Palram has been a global leader in manufacturing extruded thermoplastic sheets and panel systems. Their vast experience in production and application is expressed via an extensive product offering, including architectural panel systems and finished consumer products for both professionals and end users. The diverse range of applications includes windows, skylights, impact-resistant and bulletproof material for security, as well as wall cladding for hospitals, agricultural facilities and public buildings.

Palram materials can be specified in numerous colours, textures, transparencies, tints, shapes and thicknesses. With nine production sites and dozens of worldwide sales and distribution offices, customers can be assured that they will receive the support they need no matter where they are based in the world.

Combining antimicrobial product preservation with high-performance features

To further add to their extensive product portfolio, Palram has partnered with BioCote® to develop a wall cladding system with certified integrated antimicrobial technology for product preservation.

Palram’s PALCLAD™ PRO HYG range, consists of solid PVC panels and various installation accessories that ensure an efficient and professional installation. It contains BioCote® antimicrobial technology that inhibits the presence of microbes that can cause odors, staining and material degradation. The PALCLAD™ PRO HYG system provides many mechanical benefits that support cleaning regimes and maintenance, as well as enhancing long-term aesthetics through an exceptional resistance to impact, chemical substances, moisture, stains, and spills.

PALCLAD™ PRO HYG panels can be easily cut, formed and fabricated onsite while keeping their original physical features intact. To allow for more creativity on projects, PALCLAD™ PRO HYG is also an excellent substrate for digital printing without affecting the preservation properties. The products can be used to create decorative walls covering that are attractive, elegant and visually appealing.

*BioCote® technology is built into products to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may affect Palram’s products. The antimicrobial properties do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs, or other disease organisms. This technology is not a substitute for good cleaning practices.

The perfect fit for a range of environments

The PALCLAD™ PRO HYG range comes integrated with an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive to preserve the treated surfaces and support existing cleaning regimes to keep them clean and fresh.

The integrated antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of microbes that can cause staining, odours and material degradation on PALCLAD™ PRO HYG product surfaces.

PALCLAD™ PRO HYG has been specifically designed for interior wall cladding in a range of environments such as food manufacturing and preparation areas, industrial kitchens, schools, gyms, hospitals, operation theatres, sterile/clean rooms, clinics, pharmaceutical plants and pharmacies.

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If you are interested in Palram’s treated PVC wall cladding range, please visit their site here. To find out how to preserve your own products against odor, staining and material degradation causing microbes with proven BioCote® antimicrobial technology, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team on 1 (800) 622-0225.