Dyson Airblade dB

Hand dryer with BioCote® antimicrobial technology* for surface preservation

Hand dryer with BioCote® antimicrobial technology* for surface preservation

In was in 1978 when James Dyson grew frustrated with the performance of his vacuum cleaner. When he disassembled it, he noticed that the bag had become clogged with dust, causing the suction to decrease. He’d recently constructed an industrial cyclone tower for his company that used centrifugal force to filter paint particles from the air. Could the same approach, however, be applied to a vacuum cleaner?

He got down to business, and after 5 years and 5,127 prototypes created the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner. Today, Dyson machines can be found in over 65 countries around the world. Dyson has developed from a single individual with a single concept to a global technological corporation employing over 1,000 engineers. At its heart lies Dyson’s headquarters in Malmesbury, England, which conducts extensive research, design, and development. Every day, James Dyson and his team of engineers are hard at work here, continuously looking for ways to improve everyday products.

Meet Dyson Airblade dB – the fastest hand dryer with a HEPA filter as a standard

Often heralded as the fastest and most hygienic hand dryer around, the Dyson Airblade dB creates 430 mph sheets of air that dry hands in just 10 seconds. It is also certified by both HACCP International and the NSF International Protocol P335 as being suitable for use in food preparation environments.

Dyson’s commitment to technological innovation is why they chose to partner with BioCote®. Our proven antimicrobial technology is manufactured into the plastic surface of the Dyson Airblade dB hand dryer, controlling odor and staining on the product’s surface. Proven to preserve treated materials by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mold, BioCote® antimicrobial additives will not wear off or wash away once integrated, and have been proven to remain within a product for 25 years.

*BioCote® technology is built into products to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may affect Dyson products. The antimicrobial properties do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs, or other disease organisms. This technology is not a substitute for good cleaning practices.

How BioCote® can support you

If you are interested in Dyson’s treated product range, please visit their site here. To find out how to protect your own products against odor, staining and material degradation causing microbes with proven BioCote® antimicrobial technology, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team on 1 (800) 622-0225. Alternatively, you can contact us here.